Tips from a cheese expert

We’ve all been there: coming home late after a tough day at work, tummy screaming at you for food. But, no! You open the fridge door and it’s seems there’s nothing in there but a few random bits and bobs – nothing that would possibly work together. Or so you thought!

When speaking with our Vive le Cheese regional competition winners, they came up with some really crafty ideas on what you can do in just that sort of dire “there’s no food in the fridge” situation. And on top of that, their ideas are really clever and delicious – you could even proudly serve these snacks and dishes up to your guests, and they would never know you were due a trip to the supermarket!

To let you in on their tricks of the trade, here are some tips from our London winner, Alan Pickett. More coming next week.

Allan Pickett – regional winner from Plateau restaurant, Canary Wharf says:

If you have any small crumbs of French cheese as leftovers sprinkle them over some quality sourdough and toast under a grill for a minute or two. Perfect snack food for a weekend.
Why not sprinkle some crumbled blue cheese like Bleu d’Auvergne over baked potato instead of your normal cheese?
When making a lasagne, try adding some soft French goat’s cheese as you layer it. It will give a wonderful flavour.  
Always keep your hard French cheese rinds and add them to soups for flavouring. Remove before blending the soup though!

All of the chefs “how to” videos are up on Youtube now – check out the Vive le Cheese channel.  I will be uploading the rest of the recipes on here though as well. If you have any ‘cheese tips’ of your own – please comment!


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