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Around the UK in French cheeses…

June 29, 2011

Once again – a huge thank you to everyone who made the blogging events earlier this month a huge success. The wines were kindly provided by French Connection Wines which are available at most supermarkets. The wines went down very well (particularly in Manchester!) and different wines matched the cheeses perfectly. Also a big thank you to Peckhams in Glasgow, The Soup Kitchen in Manchester and Café Délice in Brighton – the venues and staff were perfect!


And we’re back!

June 10, 2011

To those of you who made it, a big BIG Vive le Cheese thank you for getting this week off to such an amazing start! We really enjoyed meeting all of you – the reception we got we just unbrielievable! (Oh good. Cheese puns. -Ed)

Starting at Peckham’s in Glasgow, we were joined by bloggers and guests from across Scotland. Local weegies (including our very own Phoebe Weller) mingled effortlessly with hardy East Coasters who’d made the trek from Edinburgh and Dundee. To the couple who’d joined us the day before their honeymoon – we hope we got your married life off to a flying start, enjoying cheese so soon after saying ‘I bleu’. (Yeah, that was bad.)

The banter was quick and the wine was flowing. The good people of Glasgow got our little Tour de Fromage off to a cracking start. Tucking in to Chinese afterwards (thanks to Phoebe for the recommendation!), we were feeling good. Briely good. (Enough now.)

Tuesday took us out of Scotland, down the west coast to beautiful Manchester. The good people at Soup Kitchen hosted us with some funky music and some even funkier guests (we were mentioned in Stylist, don’tcha know). Busy, jovial and dare we say a little bit drunk, Manchester never disappoints. It’s always (em)mental. (Consider this a written warning.)

After all that time in the city, we needed some sea air so off we went, bucket and spades in hand, to Brighton, San Franciso of the north. After a scrumptious ice cream (weren’t you supposed to be working?) we arrived at Café Délice, a beautiful, intimate venue with a crowd to match. Quizzing Phoebe on the hows and wheys of cheese production, Brightonistas put the Roving Fromagerie through her paces and even had the good grace to take her out afterwards (I guess they liked her answers). That night (or if you’re Phoebe, the next day) we went home, with cheese in our bellies and love in our hearts. A truly great time was had by all of us so  we couldn’t say good bye without saying thank you.

Thank you to the wonderful people at French Connection, who supplied the delicious wine we were all drinking (available at Morrison’s). Thank you too, to the wonderful Phoebe Weller, who kept the crowds entertained with her wit, knowledge and infectious joie de vivre. And an extra big  thank you too to our wonderful guests. You made it fun, entertaining, and always so different. Always so fraiche. (You’re fired.)